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Tie-dye is the cheery nail art trend that will make hippie chicks of us all

Nail bars have been declared officially open and we couldn't be happier. If lockdown has given us anything, it's plenty of time to scroll through the 'gram and bookmark the nail art inspo we can't wait to have scribbled across our fingers. Along with wearing clothes with an actual waistband, it's one of the first steps in helping us to feel more pulled together. And our new-found freedom has got us feeling a bit more experimental.

So what's hot? Anything and everything – the more colourful, the better quite frankly. As an introduction: gradient nails are still a smash hit (choosing one shade like pink and taking it from rose to raspberry across your fingertips).


Graphic, painterly strokes are in (and surprisingly easy to create at home with a paintbrush, if you don't fancy heading out in public yet). And, ermmm, tie dye. You read that correctly. The 60s print is having a resurgence.


With so many gorgeous and inventive ways to fancy-up your fingertips though, it can make choosing just one style pretty tricky. After all, it's a lot of commitment (especially if you get a gel mani).

But, to help you in your quest, we've picked the very best nail art we've seen to bring you a banging selection – including this season's most popular trends. Happy scrolling!

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