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The surprising reasons you have nail ridges after lockdown (and how to actually get rid of them)

If you love to adorn your nails with weird and wonderful nail designs, geometric patterns or prefer sleek and elegant nail colours like the Queen, you'll know that smooth, buffed nails are a prerequisite to any manicure.

That's why ridged nails can wreak havoc with your manicure and after months in lockdown, we're pretty sure you'll be experiencing nail ridges. Indeed, as nail salons reopen today (hallelujah!), many technicians have already told us they're seeing a hell of a lot of ridged nails post-lockdown.

We asked Lynn Gray, Mavala’s National Nail Expert, to explain exactly what causes ridged nails and how you can banish them ASAP - either before you head for a long-awaited manicure or in-salon.

What causes nail ridges?

According to Lynn, factors such as illness, pregnancy and certain medications can cause nail ridges. On a more basic level, excess filing, damage to the nail and dehydration of the nail plate can also cause ridges. Unfortunately, age can play a part, as well as if ridges run in the family.

"If you suffer with dry skin, your nail ridges are most likely due to dehydration. In this case, it is best to use a penetrating moisturiser treatment at the base of the nail to instantly revive the nail plate and help protect from further development of ridges – Mavala’s Mavaflex is perfect for this," she said. Obviously after plenty of time spent indoors, our nails have most likely been subject to dehydration and without regular buffing from our trusty nail technician, it's a perfect recipe for ridged nails.

How can we banish nail ridges?

Thankfully, a ridge filler can be used to level out the ridges, making them appear smoother and helping nail polish apply better. Phew!

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